January 2021 Incident Call Statistics
By Chief Ira Brown, Jr
February 1, 2021

We have been rather busy at the Department for this month. Eighty-three calls were recorded. Each entry below is a separate emergency. Motor vehicle accidents have been plenty for January and most of those accidents have involved two or more vehicles. Please drive carefully. FYI: For each Automatic Fire Alarm for both Commercial and Residential structures, and structure fires that are both real and false, we are required to send to the scene a minimum of two fire engines and a service truck. That requirement must be met to maintain your fire insurance rating. Of course that also includes many volunteers responding from their homes; often times in the dark of night before going to work the next day.

Should you want to see more information on the calls for 2020 or 2021, you may view it in the "Incident Call" area. If on a smartphone you will see the incident call area at the bottom of the website. If on a computer it will be on the left side of the website. Just click on the month and you can see the calls. You can also change the year and month from that page.

10 Motor Vehicle Accidents
1 Motor Vehicle Fire (18 Wheeler)
7 Commercial Auto Fire Alarm
4 Residential Auto Fire Alarm
3 Structure Fires
2 Structure Fire (False)
1 Trash Fire
7 Grass/Woods Fires
3 Overdose
9 Breathing Problems
7 Falls with injury
6 Fall without injury
2 Suicide Attempts
3 Strokes
3 Heart Problems
2 Lift Assists
2 Unresponsive
1 Death on arrival
1 Pedestrian struck by vehicle
2 Stabbings
1 Welfare Concern
3 Passed Out
1 Diabetic Emergency
1 Man trapped in tree resulting in death (Mutual Aid to Husser VFD)