Shell Training Center
By Chief Ira Brown, Jr
August 18, 2021

Eighth Ward Firefighters conducted a Pre-fire Plan walk-through of the Shell Training Center in Robert on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. They were hosted by Shell Health and Safety Expert Kevin Harrell. Participants incuded Firefighter/EMT Ted Mocklin, Firefighter/EMT Ben Baham, Firefighter/EMR Laine Taylor, Assisant Chief/EMR David Byers, Firefighter Elizabeth Crawford, Firefighter/Chaplain/EMR Wayne Ratliff, and Chief/EMT Ira Brown.

Firefighters focused on the locations of fire control measures to include Fire Department Connections, hydrants,
Sprinkler Systems, Alarm panel controls, hazardous materials areas, and the fire water containment system.

Shell also hosted the Eighth Ward firefighters to a delicious meal from their Galley.